More Santa Claus Makeover Options

Dear Readers,

Upon further thought, I’ve realized a penguin is neither the only nor the best choice for Santa’s makeover. While I still like the idea of a penguin, I have other options. Whilst keeping with the black & white theme, I propose: a panda bear, a white tiger (which has black stripes), and an Orca. Though, yes, I can see how the Orca would be more difficult to pull off.

I vote for: PANDA BEARS! After all, panda bears are more cuddly than Penguins and a penguin’s beak/bill does look rather sharp. I know, it does not snow where panda bears live but I myself haven’t seen a white Christmas in years. Plus, a panda bear as Santa Claus could lead to discussions with children about the loss of habitat for these bears. Another bonus, panda bears are closer to the size of Santa… I think. But mostly, they’re just so darn CUTE!

While we’re at it, what about those reindeer? I’m liking Zebra…

Happy thinking!